What if your directory sync server disappears and you want to move your domain?

I had an interesting issue this week. I was testing a cloud based service where I had my DC and Directory Sync server in the cloud. Works fine, but that account expired and I wanted to move my domain from one Office 365 Tenant to another. I tried to simply sign up for an Office 365 E3 License and add my domain. If you have your domain assigned somewhere else, there isn’t an ungraceful way to remove it, you can’t simply just say hey this is mine because I have this new DNS record. You have to gracefully remove your domain from the existing tenant. Luckily I was still able to get into the existing tenant and remove my domain, however I couldn’t because there were still users assigned to it and those users are controlled by the cloud.

Tip: If you still have users assigned to a domain, you have to delete those users first or assign them to another domain

Remember that if you are using directory sync and Office 365 is set to sync from your domain, you will not be able to manipulate user settings (delete) from Office 365. To adjust this I had to go into the Office 365 Active Users and at the top click on Active Directory Synchronization. On the next page I had to deactivate synchronization. Once you deactivate synchronization, your accounts will become cloud accounts instead of synced accounts. Once this happens, you can then go through and clean up your old accounts or simply change their domain.

Once all of those accounts are removed, you can then gracefully go into domains and remove your domains…easy peasy


  1. Deactivate domain under users
  2. Delete or change domain of users
  3. Gracefully remove domain under domains

Now I can move my domain to my new Office 365 Tenant. Giddyup!


  1. Fantastic post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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