Troubleshooting Azure AD Connect Password issues

Happy New Year. I haven’t been posting as much as I should be, but I am back. I’ve been running a rather large Office 365 setup for the company I work for. I wanted to share an issue and a solution for something I was recently facing. I noticed while in the Admin portal, The DirSync Status was giving me a warning that passwords haven’t synced in 3 days. This is strange, normally when something goes wrong with Azure AD Connect or DirSync, it stops syncing completely. This time it was just an issue with passwords.

If you click on DirSync Status, you will get a more detailed status age that looks like this

You can hit the Troubleshoot link which will guide you through an automated process that will scan Office 365 for any issues. The issue is more than likely on your Directory Sync system. If it doesn’t find the issue it will instruct you to download the Office 365 Support Assistant app. If you’re troubleshooting this, you should be on your Azure AD Connect server. This is when you download the Office 365 Support Assistant app, it will be able to look for issues on your PC. Personally I haven’t had a lot of luck with the Office 365 Support Assistant and Azure AD Connect wasn’t giving any indication that it wasn’t syncing passwords. The next step I would use is to run the Azure AD Connect configuration wizard again, when I did so and entered my credentials it reported back that my password had expired. I then set that password never to expire and continued running through the wizard until completion. Once done, it synced everything over and everything was happy again.

Yes, I have to tend to these IDFix issues.


  • Make sure you have the usernames and passwords for your Office 365 configuration Global Admin and your domain admin accounts handy. The configuration tool will require those.
  • Don’t fear the configuration wizard. It gave me an opportunity to change some other settings, and you will likely run it a few times as your Office 365 offering evolves.
  • While the native first try tools didn’t work for me, I would encourage you to try them and see if they give you some first insight into your issue.
  • The other strange thing that works well with Azure AD Connect is restarting services.


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