The death of Yammer is greatly exaggerated

Try typing Yammer news into Google. Some of the recent headlines are frightening to say the least.

Jan 22, 2016 So Now Microsoft Axes the Yammer Community Team

Jan 24, 2016 Microsoft lays off Customer Success Managers from Yammer

Pretty grim stuff, but if we look at the headlines by date we start to see a trend emerge, let’s keep going as Microsoft responds

Jan 26, 2016 Reports of Yammer’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

phew that’s beginning to sound much better, but still…

Feb 2, 2016 Microsoft Turns On Yammer For Office 365 Business

Feb 2, 2016 Microsoft tries to head off Facebook at Work by turning on …

The fact is Yammer, the business social network isn’t being turned off. It’s being offered for free inside Office 365 as more of an integrated service than an expansion step child. I think this is a good thing, you won’t have to think about if you need Yammer or not, you’ll just be able to access it.

My first experience

I didn’t see Yammer available to me on the portal, but I have access to Azure Active Directory. There’s a section in Azure Active Directory called Applications where you can get all of the URLS available to your company from there I was able to get the URL.


From there, you will find some setup instructions.


I think the confusion on Yammer is what to do with it…It covers many different roles and I will not do it justice in this blog, it needs its own posting. What I will say is it needs planning. It’s not a traditional app like Exchange or even Skype for Business. It does many different things, and it might possibly introduce some noise into your ecosystem, or overlap with what you thought SharePoint and Delve should do. Where SharePoint excels at Sharing, Yammer excels at establishing your companies social structure in a virtual form, this is something that has never been done with social media and it really just completes the Office 365 offering. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


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