Teams and VSTS Better Together

The power of Office 365 and all of its applications is the ability to tightly integrate everything making your work much more relevant and personable. One of the nice integrations happens between VSTS and Teams. In an agile environment, you might know that communication is key and constant…and your tools are used to facilitate that. Two tools that do a great job are Visual Studio Team Services for project management and development tools, source control etc. and Teams for team meetings, persistent chat rooms and sharing.

By default the two products are separate but there is a nice integrate where you can add comments on VSTS items to a Teams channel which helps your team focus in one place and visit VSTS directly from Teams.

The Integration

Setting up this integration will be performed in Teams.

  1. Select a Channel you want to use, the information we want to pull will be displayed in this channel.
  2. Right click and click connector

3.  In the connectors list, select Visual Studio Team Services

4.  In the connector configuration you will identify everything about your project

And then next, we need to define the event type that we want to have shown in our channels. This is the list of Event types available

Now, if you comment on a few work items within that Team/Project in VSTS you will see the comments or whatever items you’ve tagged in the connector.



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