Teams and Dynamics 365 Integration Better Together

Teams is really shaking things up, and the advantages that it has over slack is simply its integration points into Office 365 and overall productivity. In my last post I discussed the integration with Visual Studio Team Services. There’s another integration which while not complete, will be able to offer a lot of value. This integration is with Dynamics 365 and I think what this does for teams is takes it out of the realm of a developers tool and makes it really relevant for all users.

The configuration

For this Demo I created a new Channel called D365 Test. Remember that connectors are configured on channels and not teams/projects. Right click the channel and click connectors

Select the Dynamics 365 Connector

You will then be requested to sign-in to Dynamics 365, once you sign in you will be prompted to choose an instance and a record. Use the wildcard to display all possible records.

Once you save your channel will then display the activities for the Dynamics record that you’ve selected. As I stated this currently isn’t that useful in its current state but I see the potential to get information in your team for important opportunities, accounts etc.

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