Silencing Teams

I love Microsoft Teams. It really is one of the most useful communication tools that have come out in a long time. Adoption for it can be annoying though because of the inconsistency with Teams having no PowerShell module while creating Office 365 Unified Groups which is the backbone to Teams being so feature rich in PowerShell. If you add  your members to a group and then enable the Team, everyone will get an email saying something like

While you may be thinking that communication is a good thing, it’s not great when you’re trying to roll out a tool and people are reporting issues before you can even finish setting them up. I’ve looked for the silence Teams emails and I have yet to find one. So I had to be create with this issue and change the order that I do things.

Normally, I’d create the unified group and add everyone in one step, but I found that if you add everyone in before you enable Teams as soon as you enable your group for Teams that email will go out….so I now follow the following order with the corresponding PowerShell.

Create the Groups

Create Groups

New-UnifiedGroup -DisplayName $Group1 -Alias $Alias1 -PrimarySmtpAddress $SMTP1 -ManagedBy $Manager -Owner $Owner -AccessType $private -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $False -WhatIf

New-UnifiedGroup -DisplayName $Group1 -Alias $Alias1 -PrimarySmtpAddress $SMTP1 -ManagedBy $Manager -Owner $Owner -AccessType $private -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $False

I then Enable the Group for Teams within the Teams App.

I then add the membership to the group.

Add-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity $Alias1 -LinkType Members -Links $Members

This order simply helps me roll out the groups and get everyone licensed in a more controlled manner.


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