Every So often you have to take a step back and refocus your concentration. For the last few years I’ve been lucky enough through employment, bosses and timely exits to refocus my career on Lync/Skype for Business. I had the chance to do some Skype for Business work on call center software, manage some interesting features. I wrote the Lync 2010, 2013 and I will be upgrading to Skype for Business exams.

The opportunity has arisen for me to change my focus, and thus change the focus of this blog. I won’t be leaving Skype for Business altogether since I really believe in it as a product, but I will be looking at it from more of an over all Office 365 cloud view and the focus of this blog will change to be primarily about Office 365.

These are exciting times with the cloud, hybrid solutions and Office 365 as a complete productivity solution and I look forward to delivering my unique perspective as well as some help articles on Office 365.

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