Outlook.com and OneDrive Freebies

Just for fun the other day I started poking around my free Outlook account. I’ve been using the “cloud” since the days of Hotmail. I still have my original email address, one with all letters and no numbers that actually looks like a works. If you’ve been around Hotmail, you’d know that in the last few years, it has been hard to get an email address that resembles a complete word. Funny thing is I use that account for spam now, but I digress. As I was poking around my Outlook account and went to OneDrive thinking that I was going to blog about some of the new features of OneDrive. When in OneDrive I clicked the menu and was blown away by what Microsoft is offering for free from a Microsoft Account.

Obviously you get OneDrive and Outlook. For those of you that don’t know, OneDrive is much like Dropbox where you can store files on Microsoft servers and access them from multiple computers, devices and locations. This is slightly different from OneDrive for business…I will discuss that in another blog post.

What you get for free are the online versions of

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway…and I don’t even know what Sway is.

The versions of Office that you get is the equivalent of Microsoft Office Home and Student which retails for $139 per PC. You get to use these progams on multiple PC’s…for FREE.

How functional is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Online?

Fully functional, you can create Word documents, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and OneNote meetings notes until the cows come home, with no limitations. If you have full versions of the Office suite installed on your PC you can open them up there as well. Below are screenshots of the versions you have access to. In a few weeks I will be attending a conference in Las Vegas and I plan to use only the online versions for the week, I am debating on not even having the full versions installed as my confidence in these Online products. I will report back on my efforts.

Excel Online OneNote Online PowerPoint Online Word Online

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