Office 365 White Board

Or is it the Windows 10 whiteboard? I am not so sure. Another feature that was recently released and this is starting to get exhausting is some white boarding functionality. The premise is simple, create whiteboards that are not attached to an application such as Skype and invite others to collaborate. I think that’s great, but it’s mostly broke in its current state. I will take you through enable it and finding it, using it is up to you. I’d like to throw out the caveat or opinion that this long list of previews lately is getting exhausting. Who has to time to look at software and keep going back to look at it again, with the change of pace and speed of today’s world if something is not working as it should, we typically move on and never give it a second look. I suspect this might happen with a lot of Microsoft stuff lately, which is sad because some of it is really good.

Setting up the White Board

First thing’s first. You need to enable the white board in your organization. To do this, you will need your Global Administrator credentials and visit the Admin Center

If you leave the white board setting in this state, you will get the following error once downloaded

Turn it on

Now you need to find the white board. There are now what seems to be a thousand places to find things. The White Board App is not on the Office 365 store, and it’s not under Apps that get licensed to you. It’s a Windows 10 app, so you will find it in the Windows 10 store. The app is not actually strictly an Office 365 app, and can work on Microsoft accounts.

Now if you launch it, you can associate the app to your Office 365/Azure AD Account

The functionality is pretty basic and I am not sure how much use I’ll actually get out of it. I found some issues like getting the sharing link wasn’t working and invite via email wasn’t triggering Outlook.

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