Office 365 vs. G Suite Adding a Domain

I am starting to look more closely at what’s new with Google G Suite which was formerly Google Apps for Business. Google has taken abit of a beating from Microsoft over the last few years…for awhile I was doing a bunch of migrations for small customers moving to Office 365 from Google. The last large company I worked for that had google, it was abit of a disaster in the move from Exchange…although it must have looked good when compared to Lotus Notes…I digress.

What I’d like to understand and see here is if Google has created a solid competitor to Office 365. I am going to be looking at things like setup, Email, Drives, security, extras etc. The last time I tested gmail for business, I didn’t like the whole tagging functionality, contacts and calendar items weren’t synced. There were sync issues between gmail and Outlook used as a mail client

The one different I noticed between these two apps when signing up is Microsoft doesn’t force you to sign up for a domain right away, but I couldn’t find in G Suite how to continue without adding a domain. With Office 365, and not forcing a domain it allows for easy testing of the system before committing and it’s easy to go back and add a domain at any time.

Both systems make it very easy to add a domain, there was some manual adding of DNS records for G Suite where Microsoft will do it for you…I understand DNS so I typically manually add the records I require. One thing Google does nicely is determine what the TLS time on your DNS record and it doesn’t force you to check over and over again, it puts you in a menu that will continue checking over time, so you don’t have to do anything.

What frustrated me is having to wait to use the system though, I wanted to get started configuring things right away but everything was dependent on this domain. Once the domain and DNS records were setup though I was off the the races.


Google: The menu driven configuration was nice, it wasn’t obvious to that google would edit the records for me and if I wasn’t saavy, it might have been difficult to add the DNS record. They assume that you have a domain already before you can try out the system. The domain verification was nice though, I didn’t have to keep checking over and over again to see if my domain verified and DNS updated.

Microsoft: Once you sign up for an account you are off to the races with a account. I like this because it allows you to learn and try out the system and allows smaller companies or testing environments to exist. Microsoft also has a really nice feature to add the DNS records for you…but I found I kept having to check and recheck until a DNS record updated. Typically with GoDaddy, it’s quick and painless.

Winner: Not clear. Google for easy of use, Microsoft for getting me going quickly.

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