Office 365 Trials – 30/60/90 rule

While I was away in Mexico my Office 365 Trial expired. When you sign up for Office 365 you get a 30 day trial right off the bat, and it’s essentially a free use and gives you access to all of the features. I’d highly recommend making use of it. However when your trial ends, you have a grace period, while the grace period talks about reduced functionality I was unable to determine what was reduced, everything was fully functional. From this point you have two options, buy a subscription or extend your trial. Again, I’d recommend simply extending your trial and getting an extra 30 days for free, you can do this once.

Extend your trial

  1. In the Admin section of Office 365, go to Billing > Subscriptions
  2. You will then see all of your subscriptions and if you hover over the expired or soon to be expired, the extend trial option will showExtend Trial
  3. Click it, and the next screen will list out the criteria for extendingExtend 2
  4. The next screen will require a credit card to renew your trial.
  5. And voila, your trial has been extended.Trial has been extended

The 30/60/90 rule

There is generally a rule dubbed the 30/60/90 rule that you should be aware of for your trial and the most important part to understand and be aware of is what happens at the 90 day mark.

  • During the first 30 days, your trial is officially active and everything works.
  • From day 30 to 60, your data expired or extended will still be available and your Office 365 subscription will still function.
  • At Day 90, your account will be deprovisioned and data will be deleted. Only the Office 365 Admin console will be available to administrators so they can purchase a subscription.

I seem to recall a question pertaining to this information on 70-346 exam…hint hint nudge nudge.

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