Office 365 – Skype for Business Online – What’s Coming?

I saw this video last year at a private Microsoft event and it still excites me. What I love about these videos is they show us a glimpse into the future and what’s possible. Where technology is going and how the cloud and Office 365 are the engines that are taking us there. It also reminds us that technology is used to improve business, and the cloud and its processing power seeks to empower business to do what they do, when the technology fades into the background what we are left with is exciting, human interaction.

This video is showing us a number of clips of people and organizations using Skype for Business in different scenarios, and it looks so smooth and just so cool. What I love about this video however is it’s focussing on people doing important things and the technology is really secondary. Technology is only really useful when it helps us perform a function, make something more efficient or brings us closer together. When our tools become at our finger tips and easy to use, and communicating is so easy it’s exciting.

Things to look for in this video. We see a guy late for a meeting, and he joins through his phone. The meeting is about some nature project where the focus of the meeting has this girl in the field with a tablet joining the meeting with video and they find a para grin falcons nest. They are all connected to what looks like a surface hub. They are all interacting in real time from different places. Anyways it’s all so cool.

My favorite part of this video is at the end when the Medical meeting is discussing their clinical trial results and her translations to spanish and chinese are in real time and then the scene cuts over to a doctor meeting with us patient. The patient is on her phone and the doctor has her results.

I’ve seen and trained people on Lync/Skype for Business Smart rooms, I’ve seen people join via their phones and tablets. This vision isn’t far off.

Anyways watch the video. I think it’s very cool with where things are going with the cloud, Office 365 and Skype for Business.

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