Office 365 Pro Plus: Changing the release channel

Office 365 Pro Plus updates are somewhat of a mystery. Microsoft has taken more a “trust us” approach and you just simply worry about when to update. Wait, that when is build in by default to the click to run files and it’s not a configurable option. Not an easy one anyways. On first run Click to Run will try to choose some options for you, but Microsoft also caches the click to run files so a reconfiguration is just as simply as re-running the click to run with a switch.

There are four channels for updates and most of them are self explanatory but can be broken up into First Release and Deferred. This lines up with is intended to lineup with Windows 10.

Channel Keyword in CMD or ODT
  Monthly Channel (Targeted)   Channel=”Insiders” or Channel=”FirstReleaseCurrent
  Monthly Channel   Channel=”Monthly” or Channel=”Current
  Semi-annual Channel (Targeted)   Channel=”Targeted” or Channel=”FirstReleaseDeferred
  Semi-annual Channel   Channel=”Broad” or Channel=”Deferred

By Default mine was set to the Semi-Annual Channel.

Let’s say I wanted to be more aggressive since I am at the forefront of deploying and testing Office 365, I wanted to get the latest releases, I can do this two ways.

1. You can rebuild the package and redeploy it using the Click to Run deployment tools. There’s a version on github that will help you build it from scratch.

2. You can can use the click to run configuration tool which can be found c:\Program Files\Common FIles\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun

a. Run the change setting switch

Then Update the user

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