Office 365 on Vacation…your mobile office

Recently I went to Mexico with my family. Now while I don’t condone bringing your work with you on vacation, I wanted to understand what the Office 365 experience would feel like while somewhere else. Since everything is in the “cloud”, and as long as there is an internet connection it should always be available. The experience was performed on my surface and I didn’t install the Office 2016 rich clients (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint). Since I don’t want to spend too much time doing this I have a few quick experiments I want to run

  1. Write up a quick word document.
  2. Have a meeting with OneNote with myself
  3. Interact via IM with some colleagues in Canada
  4. Email the word document
  5. Finish this blog post and post it from Mexico.

Here I sit on vacation in sunny Mexico. The weather is beautiful, the drinks are flowing and I have a mild sunburn from playing with the kids for six hours at the beach… the drink makes it slightly better. I just wanted to report on my successes… and a HUGE win.

I was able to connect to Office 365 and rather easily. I had tried this one time before and it had wanted to send me a text message because I was logging on from a strange place. I guess Mexico is not considered a strange place and I was able to connect with only my credentials quickly and easily… great.

  1. Wrote this blog in word and copied and pasted it…Check
  2. I had a quick unproductive OneNote meeting with myself, took notes…
  3. Worked with my email.
  4. Finished this blog post from Mexico…CHECK!

Now you may have noticed that I skipped number 3…interact with friends and colleagues over Skype for business… this was a huge win. I am starting a new position at a new company in mid April and I got an email last night while I was at Xcaret telling me that they are missing paperwork. I was able to quickly log into my email over free WiFi to my Office 365 account and reply to the email. I didn’t get a reply so I used the free internet at the resort and used Skype for Business and IM’d the person that had sent the email and arranged to get them the document when I get back…HUGE WIN! Love Office 365! It’s so much simpler to use than a VPN to the office and the reliant on rich clients.

As a treat, here’s the pic of me Office365’ing from Mexico




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