MVP milestone achieved

I was feeling pretty rotten on Friday morning. Here it was Canada Day, and my wisdom tooth was hurting so much. I knew that there might be good news though so I kept checking my email. Finally at 10:01 AM, it came in. To me it was honor and validation of the 17 years of work I’ve put into my career and more recently my interest and fascination with the cloud, productivity and Office 365. The news was that I was honored with a Microsoft MVP award for 2016 in Office servers and services. To me this is a pretty big honor as I have enjoyed working with Microsoft technologies for over 17 years now, and as I matured as a person my interest in IT as something cool to IT as a tool to empower business has shifted and matured as well. I am not the smartest guy around by any means so I think anyone who really wants to achieve this aware can…and here are some pieces of advice, not guarantees but advice.

  1. Meet and work with other MVP’s, if they believe in you, they will also recommend you. I was recommended by who I consider my mentor in life, business and technology. (Greg Thomas)
  2. Help out, get involved, write a blog, help in some forums, share your knowledge.
  3. Be passionate and show it. Find the technology or business tool that you are passionate about and show your enthusiasm and passion.
  4. Don’t get intimidated. There are a lot of smart people in this community, much smarter than I am, but I see that as an opportunity to learn from them and pass it on to someone else.
  5. Be persistent. You might not get an MVP, or selected this time…keep trying though, and keep sharing. This is only a validation to me. I’d keep going and be passionate about this if I didn’t get anything.

Hard work pays off


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