Managing Office 365 Users Synced from Active Directory – Very Short

You’ve synced users from your Active Directory into Office 365 and you want to manage these users now. Managing these users is very similar to cloud created users when it comes to adding licenses etc. The big difference is when you try to delete a user in Office 365 that has a status “synced with Active Directory”, the delete function won’t be available. If you hover over delete you will see the following pop up.

1 - trying to delete users

Essentially what this is telling you is that users that are synced from Active Directory are managed by Active Directory. So if you want to delete a user, or make changes to their account you need to do it from Active Directory and then force a Sync or wait the standard 3 hours for the users to Sync over via the scheduled task.

Deleting BillyNo365

This is pretty straight forward.

  1. Remove any licenses and services associated with BillyNo365
  2. Delete him from Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
  3. Force a Sync or wait for the task to run on its own
  4. Check that user is gone from Office 365

2 - Delete Users from AD


3 Sync

In Office 365 your deleted user should show up in Deleted Users

4 - deleted users

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