It’s all about the people

Happy Fathers day, well while I write this it’s fathers day. When you read it, it will be Tuesday. But Tuesday’s good, it’s one day after the scourge known as Monday and one day closer to Friday or as I like to call it beer day. Ok yes I am stalling, I didn’t have anything about Office 365 planned today…but there was one thing that caught my eye this week and it made me think about the progression of Microsoft as a company and where they might progress as a post Windows company.

Microsoft is opening a new office in Vancouver, you can read about it here.

New Microsoft offices boast ultramodern design and stunning views

The new office is centered around cutting edge designs, collaborative workspaces and open areas. The open concept has really hit the office environment. Gone are the cubicles of the past where employees could sit there isolated/productive. The new productivity is all about collaborate, incubating ideas etc. One of the pictures you can see here hit me, and the correlation I made is, if Office 365 could manifest itself in an office space, this is what it would look like.


In this picture, you see people collaborating on a white board, sharing ideas in comfortable chairs. What this is all about in the end is people though. You can think up all of the robotics, automation and whatever that people fear will replace people’s jobs…at the end of the day, great companies are built on people and these spaces, whiteboards, comfortable chairs and Office 365 are just the tools to help you get it done. I guess that’s the big take away I want to focus on this week, while I blog about Office 365, what I really want to get across is these are great tools for people to use, but it’s you readers that people that are going to do great things.

That’s all.

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