Install Office 365 Pro Plus on RDS/Citrix X

Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp…whatever flavor you use or have used, it’s a great tool for consolidating work spaces and providing your work force with a environment that can’t be matched for stability, internet speed and access to data and applications. Installing anything on RDS can be abit of a challenge. It’s not difficult mind you, it’s just that every software is aware of RDS to a different degree. The same holds true for installing Office 365 Pro Plus on RDS/Citrix. The big difference is you cannot use click to run, you must use the Office 365 Deployment tool. The reason for this is you need to add a line into the config.xml file that tells Office that you’re using a Shared License Model. The install goes something like this

Assuming you’ve already downloaded and setup the Office 365 Pro Plus deployment tool, you need to add a line to your config file


The only other part you need to remember is to set RDS into install mode and then turn it off…Might look something like this

change user /install

setup.exe /configure c:\O365Citrix.xml

change user /execute

The beauty of it is it only needs to be installed once.


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