How to be test cutting edge features in Office 365

Enterprise Connect was running last week and there are lots of new announcements coming out for Office 365. We will talk about that coming up. Microsoft though loves you as a user, and loves you even more if you don’t mind testing out early features before they released to the masses. This is a good experience for you as an administrator to understand the feature and change before your users do, allow you to keep ahead of the service calls. It also allows Microsoft to make sure this works…call it a post beta but pre-release.

There are options in Office 365 that will let you do just that. Currently I am testing out the Admin Center (preview), and I love it.

How do you sign up to be on the first release of software in Office 365.

If you Click on Organizational Profile you will have a Release preference section. You will the following settings.

Release prefs

If you click Edit, you will get the following options

Chagning prefs

A good way to organize this is set up a group of different types of people from each group as First release testers and get their feed back. I think it’s not a great idea to set everyone in your organizatin to First release testers. If something doesn’t work properly or if someone isn’t used to or expecting change it can be a jolting experience.


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