Fixing Office 365 Groups Email Addresses

If you’ve been using Office 365 Groups/Planner/Teams and administering Office 365 as such, you will have noticed that there are a few quirks abound. One of them that really bugs me is the way they assign email addresses…Office 365 will not tell you if you have an email address already in use in your system. It will assign a very unprofessional looking SMTP address with random numbers as a suffix. So my issue was creating one for a group, and if you don’t really pay attention, you may never notice until you decided hey…Office 365 Groups and traditional distribution groups can play in the same space and you realized that Groups has been trying to be a smart aleck with email addresses.

You can fix this but again don’t hunt too long in the Admin portal or the Exchange portal, you’ll notice that email address is greyed out there. For this task you’ll have to use PowerShell and I have an example you can follow.


I created a group in my org called privacy and set them up in Teams and whatnot, but when I went to look at their address they had this ugly address associated (Thanks Microsoft)

These days I tend to go right to PowerShell and follow up later to see if I was right or wrong…this time I am right.

In this case I want to change it to

You’ll need to login into PowerShell into Exchange Online and then run the following cmdlet

set-unifiedGroup -identity “privacy” -PrimarySmtpAddress -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $True

The second argument is up to you, I don’t want this accessible to external users so I am requiring authentication to send to this address.

What you end up with looks much better



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