Bulk Adding Users into Office 365

I wanted to a blog entry on Delve (What it is, how to use it etc.) but realized that Delve is bigger than a 1 person game and currently I only have 1 user in my Office 365 tenant (me). So I thought I’d add more users, I thought instead of adding just 1 user why not add more users…so I did, I added 2. Instead of adding single users, why not use the bulk add tool that exists in Office 365. This tool works only if you’re users are going to live in the cloud, otherwise you’ll be bringing them over via directory sync and manage them on your active directory.

To use the bulk add tool, we’re going to Navigate to Users > Active Users in Office 365

Click on the Bulk Add Users button

Bulk Add users button

The next page will give you two options that look like this

bulk add options

I prefer to use the blank CSV file but just for the record, the sample CSV file looks like this

sample CSV

make sure for the username you use your full name and address. User@something.something or you will get errors and the errors I got the first time I did this were somewhat cryptic. They referred to using spaces when I wasn’t using spaces…anyways be warned.

Tip: in the username field, use an email address format.

I am importing Jon Snow and Oliver Twist, note that you don’t need to fill in all of the fields, only User Name, First Name and Last Name.

Users to Import

Now in the Bulk Add Users Wizard, select the file with the users that you want to bulk add.

Select CSV File

Click Next, the next page will give you your verification results. I’ve found that sometimes the errors here can be cryptic. It’s important to note that usernames in an Office 365 world are always in email address format, you may have to forget your Active Directory knowledge where usernames are typically in domain\username format.


On the settings page, you can select if you would like your users to automatically log in or not and set their country. If you have more work to do on these users you might want to block them from logging in, if you’re done triaging these users and want to let them log in, it’s up to you.

Settings page

In the assign license page, you can bulk assign licenses for all of your users. Keep in mind that all users imported will get these same settings.

Assign licenses

And finally you can send the results to an email address you enter.Send Results

Click create and your new users will be created, activated, licensed according to your requirements. Your users will be created with temporary passwords.

users creatd with passwords

And that’s how you bulk add users using the GUI tools in Office 365. It’s pretty straight forward, requires some planning. Next we will talk about how to perform the same tasks via PowerShell.

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