Branding Office 365 with Azure Active Directory

One of the nice things about Office 365 is that you can brand it with your companies logos, splash screens and quotes. Most of this configuration is done through Azure Active Directory. There was some configuration that could be done in Office 365 but alot of it is moving into Azure Active Directory.

I’ve personalized my login screen, and my banner in Office 365. The theme by default looks very “Microsofty”.


But once I click on my name, the theme applied in Azure AD will take effect, I’ve changed a few things which will seem apparent right away.


What’s really nice about branding and can be done before giving your users access to Office 365, is you make it your own. This way it’s a service that you are offering via Microsoft’s cloud. The other customization I’ve done is when you login to Office 365, across the top banner I’ve added my logo.

top banner

To Add these customizations, go into Azure Active Directory > Click on your domain and go to Configure. You’ll notice in the Configure options you’ll have a green button that says “Customize Branding”

Customize branding

Under your Customize Branding Settings you will have a 3 page booklet of branding options available. The first page will allow you to select the language you are branding or use the default, in my case it’s English.

page 1 language

On page 2 and 3 we get to see the where we can bring in graphics and text specific to your business to make Office 365 your own.

Page 2: Adding your logo

Branding Page 2

On page 2, the first option you have is to bring in your logo. This will place your logo on the right hand side of the Office 365/Azure login page.

The User ID place holder will give a suggestion to your users and this works best with internal users. If you are going to have other users use their own logins and associate to Azure AD, it’s best not to confuse with this option.

User ID Placeholder

The Sign-In Page Text will appear at the bottom of your Azure/Office 365 login page and can be anything shorter than 500 characters, in my case it’s an encouraging slogan.

page text

The square logo (previously referred to as “Tile Logo”) is used to represent user accounts in your organization, on Azure AD web UI and in Windows 10.

The sign-in page text heading adds a heading above your customized sign-in page text. If not configured, this space is left blank on Azure AD web login pages, and replaced by “Need help” on Azure AD Join experience on Windows 10.

Page 3: Adding a left side graphic and sign out website info.

Branding Page 3

Here you can add, the sign-in illustration graphic, on my page it looks like some legos.

You have an option to show or hide KMSI (keep me signed in), which allows you to show or hide the toggle that says keep my signed in. By default it’s shown.

and add post logout URL’s.

As you can see, the Office 365 experience can be highly customized to your companies needs and branded to your companies branding. There is nothing quite as valuable and important as a companies branding, and bringing people into Office 365 doesn’t have to seem like you’re outsourcing your brand.





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