Add additional owners to OneDrive for Business

Repeat after me. OneDrive for Business is SharePoint.

Like much of Office 365, OneDrive for Business is the personal side of SharePoint. If you know and understand SharePoint, it becomes easy to manage. My goal for most implementations is to never trust anyone else with my data and backups. Even though it’s hosted in SharePoint and we are using things like retention policies, version control and data loss prevention policies, there are still times where documents get corrupted and I need to get them back. Maybe you even want to get access to a certain file a user has in their OneDrive. This is made possibly in the SharePoint Admin Center. Every user licensed in SharePoint and OneDrive will have a user profile assigned to them and all users typically follow the URL format so once you know your own, you can easily know everyone elses OneDrive path, the rest is just adding another SharePoint account. This is useful if you want to set an admin account to allow you to run backups.

The Solution

  1. In the SharePoint admin center, click on user profiles.
  2. Search for the User you want to work with their permissions.
  3. Under Account Name, select the drop down
  4. Select Manage site collection owners

Now you just need to know the pattern of the URL to access your additional Site Collections, to gather that look at your own OneDrive, to get that from user profile management, click on Manage Personal Site

In my case it was


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