Activating Office 365 for Sync

We’ve talked about how powerful hybrid environments can be with being a permanent solution to extending your environment to the cloud or as a temporary solution to migrate 100% to Office 365. let’s talk a little bit about how.

There are some configuration pieces that need to be accomplished in your Office 365 tenant, such as turning Active Directory Synchronization on. Once that is done you need to install a server for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync and configure it to sync.

But we’re using Office 365 why Azure AD sync? In an on premise environment Active Directory is the identity manager behind all of Microsofts productivity suites. If you think of SharePoint, Skype for Business and Exchange to name a few, all require Active Directory. Office 365 works much the same way, behind everything in Office 365 lies an identity manager called Azure Active Directory. The glue (tool) that holds Active Directory and Azure Active Directory together is Azure Active Directory Sync.

Before we begin with the configuration it should be noticed that there are a few pre-requisites to consider.

  1. Your domain has to already be living in Office 365
  2. If your Active Directory domain doesn’t match your domain in Office 365, ie. you are using a non internet routable domain, you will need to add a UPN domain suffix (user principal name) configured in Active Directory Domains and Trusts, and then assign the UPN to users.

Preparing Office 365 for syncing

To start this configuration, the first thing you’ll want to accomplish is the configuration in your Office 365 tenant. To do this 1.

  • Log into your Office 365 tenant/portal
  • Click on Users > Active Users
  • Click on Learn More

1 - Office 365 Configure for AD sync

  • On the Directory Synchronization page, click Activate

2 - Active AD Sync

4 - Last synced


Once you see the message saying that your last sync was 3 days ago, sync on your Office 365 tenant is set.

In our next Blog we will look at how to set up the Sync tool.





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